A rapid solution to your anxieties! In three easy steps. No need for weeks of therapy your problem is gone in one to three hours! No Drugs needed. All natural procedure. Works with anyone. A 90-day Money Back Guarantee!

Win The War Within In One-Hour
One on One private sessions.

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We offer two different programs - Group sessions and Individual sessions one on One.

Groups Sessions only $60 for three 45 minutes sessions - Money Back Guarantee!  Be prepared to shift to the next level of performance!

We offer two separate programs both come with a money back guarantee.

The least expensive program is only $60 for 3 one-half hour sessions and this program is conducted in groups limited to only 6 people.  There is a 15-minute introduction followed by 30 minutes of a process called Mind Magic Works™.  This program consists of laying down on a comfortable lounge chair for 30 minutes in an atmosphere supercharged with negative ions.  You wear specially designed  Quantum Physics headphones while we conduct a 30-minute session in Mind Magic Works™ Quantum Communications-Quantum Conversations™ designed to neutralize anxieties, fears, and tune up your mind/body, as we reinforce self-confidence.  This process is designed to shift you to a higher level of performance as we neutralize your anxieties.

We also provide Structured Water for you to drink during each session in order to hydrate your body and mind for maximum effect.  The group sessions do not include a free Portable Structured Generator which is included in the one on one program, although you can purchase a unit from me for only $349 with a 90-day money back guarantee on the device.

After each session conducted every other day, of the Balanced Energy process you experience, you will continue to improve for days relieving your stress and anxiety.  If you experience no change after 3 separate group sessions you have 30 days to request a 100% money back guarantee of $60.00 and it will be sent to you.  Group sessions are scheduled every other day if you do not complete 3 sessions you are not eligible for the money back guarantee.

The group sessions are limited to only 6 people at a time.  Call to reserve your place in a group session now! Phone: 612-222-4504.

One on One Private Sessions.

The second program we offer is one on one and three one-hour private sessions, and you get your personal Structured Water Generator for home use!  With this program, we focus entirely on you and the issues you want to resolve.

Three Easy Steps To Success.

  1. Retrain the brain in three one-hour sessions.
  2. Use the Portable Structured Water Generator (SWG) we give you to hydrate your body.
  3. Structured Air Breathing through your Portable SWG instantly neutralizes anxiety.

The No Anxieites program features Structured Quantum Communications™. The client wears special headphones utilizing advanced quantum physics technology. We quickly guide the client to the successful removal of their anxieties.

Quantum Communications - Quantum Conversations™

We talk with the client using Quantum Communications - Quantum Conversations™. Results can be scientifically verified instantly with muscle testing. (Applied Kinesiology)

Some of the many types of Anxiety we work with:

• Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
Anxiety, concerns about different things. Some people just feel anxious about many things throughout the day.  Just a feeling of uneasiness.

•  Social anxiety can be fear of criticism, embarrassment or humiliation, situations, such as public speaking, or other activities in public, or at work even making small talk.

•  Phobias can be fears about a particular object or situation such as flight anxiety affecting form 25-33% of the public. There are many different types of phobias.

•  Panic attacks are very intense, overwhelming and often uncontrollable anxiety combined with a range of physical symptoms. Someone having a panic attack may experience shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, and excessive perspiration. Sometimes, people experiencing a panic attack think they are having a heart attack or are about to die.

•  Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) may result in certain behaviors or rituals. For example, a fear of germs and contamination can lead to constant washing of hands and clothes.  Some people are checkers they keep repeating behaviors like rechecking activities to make sure they did it.

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  PSTD results from traumatic such as experiences war, assault, accident, and disasters. People with PSTD often have difficulty relaxing, upsetting dreams or flashbacks of the event, and avoidance of anything related to the event.

• Stress - There are thousands of causes of stress and we can neutralize and remove them all and build self-confidence in the place of the stress.


We all have baggage which we carry through life, that needs to be removed, like a good spring cleaning! As we live our life we keep accumulating more emotional baggage from new traumatic experiences and events.

These events contain emotionally charged baggage that gets stored in your subconscious mind, blocking the pathway to your progress.

Balanced Energy™ is the key to success. We Balance the Energy of the Left and Right Hemispheres of the brain in just one hour! We remove the baggage of your fears, anxieties, phobias, and stress.

Three Steps To Success.

1.  Retrain The Brain.

In just three one-hour sessions we effortlessly retrain your brain and give you the Tools For Life™ that will improve your health and happiness.  This is the fastest technique available.  Most anxieties are neutralized in one hour but we give you three one-hour sessions!

Your brain is divided into two distinct sides which both serve a different purpose:

Balance Left Hemisphere And Right Hemispheres Of Your Brain.

Your Left Hemisphere Brain is analytical and logical.

Your Right Hemisphere Brain is more intuitive, creative, and subjective.

But what you might not realize is that your Left Brain is for analytical thought like math or thinking about problem-solving.

While your Right Brain is where you create, the artistic, and intuitive side.

We work One on One with the client wearing special headphones that use Quantum Physics Technology.

During the three one-hour private sessions, you wear special headphones that use Quantum Physics Technology to balance the left and right sides of your brain, allowing instant access to your subconscious mind so we can rapidly retrain your brain and eliminate any fears, anxieties,  phobias, and stress in just three hours!  This is the fastest method available to permanently remove any existing anxieties and stress.

Your anxieties are the baggage we all carry with us through life.  We all have baggage that needs to be removed, like a good spring cleaning!  During your three one-hour sessions, we remove the baggage from your subconscious mind and replace it with self-confidence and a feeling of relaxation that stays with you long after the sessions have ended.

You may actually feel different as the burden of anxiety is lifted like a heavyweight from your body, mind, and spirit.  Some people report feeling lighter immediately.  After each session is over for the next three days you will continue to subconsciously process and feel more and more confident, less stress and relaxed.

2.  Hydration

Hydration using the Portable Structured Water Generator (SWG).
Most people are dehydrated they do not drink enough good clean healthy water.

We drink too many kinds of liquids that actually dehydrate our bodies like alcohol, coffee, sodas, and teas that have caffeine in them.  We all need to drink about one gallon of good healthy clean Structured Water every day for the body to function properly.

Water like food must be processed by your body because the cells of the body can only take in one molecule of water through the Porin Channel at a time in order to nourish and hydrate the body.  Most water, even filtered water will not immediately process and gets stored in the body as extra weight.  The reason is because of a process called clumping of the water molecules.  Only Structured Water is instantly absorbed by the body.

Water has a memory.

Science has proven that water has memory and it remembers the energy called vibrations or frequencies, of everything it touches.  The water molecules actually contain the energetic frequencies or memory of toxins from anything the water touches.  A water filter removes the chunks of toxins but it does not remove the vibrations or the frequencies of the toxins that are remembered by the water.  These energetic frequencies can actually make you sick as you consume them over time.

Neutralizes viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and radiation.

 When you pour water through your Portable Structured Water Generator (SWG) it instantly neutralizes all virus, bacteria, mold, fungus, and radiation in the water giving you the sweeter smoother taste of clean healthy Structured Water.

Included with your session is a Portable Structured Water Generator (SWG) for you to keep to use to process all of the water you drink so it will instantly rehydrate your body.  Your SWG is a Portable device so you can take it with you when you travel, go out to eat in restaurants, camping, vacations, or just use it at home to clean your water, air, and food.  There are actually over 20 uses for your SWG that we teach you in the sessions.  It is one of the very powerful Tools For Life™ we give you in your private one-hour sessions.

 Rehydrate your body instantly with your Portable Structured Water  Generator.  Dehydration contributes to anxieties and your brain is 85% water, therefore you want to drink Structured Water because it balances your left and right hemispheres.  Your body is 70% water so you want to drink only Structured Water to help the organs of your body function properly. Structured Water instantly hydrates every cell in your body.  Another benefit of drinking Structured Water is it removes heavy metals and other toxins from your body.

3.  Structured Air Breathing (SAB)

Air has water molecules in it and when you put a small computer fan behind the large end of the Portable SWG it blows air through the Portable SWG structuring the air you breathe.  This process does the same thing for air as it does for water neutralizing all virus, bacteria, mold, fungus, and radiation in the air as it passes through your personal SWG.

If you should ever experience a moment of anxiety you can breathe through the spout end of your Structured Water Generator and it will balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain and have a calming effect on the Central Nervous System (CNS) which get activated by anxieties and stress.

                                   THE STRUCTURED WATER GENERATOR


How The Structured Water Generator Works.

Hydration with Structured Water is a key to removing anxieties.

Did you know that 98% of the population is dehydrated?  When you are dehydrated your mind does not and can not process information to its maximum potential. Your body does not function to it's maximum, you just get by, when you could get better.  Use the Portable DE Structured Water Generator (SWG) to rehydrate every cell in the body, balancing the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Your brain is 85% water. 

Obviously, if the water you drink is Structured Water as it balances the left and right hemispheres of your brain, your brain will operate at higher levels of efficiency helping to remove your feelings of anxiety!  If you're drinking one gallon of Structured Water each day it is supercharging your brain cells which are now operating more effectively then ever before.  When your brain is hydrated with Structured Water it is working more effectively and you are becoming more intelligent in the process raising your I.Q. to higher levels.

You are a walking water bag. Your body is 75% water feeding trillions of cells with energy.  Feed them instantly with Structured Water from your Personal DE (SWG). As the cells of your body take in the Structured Water it super lubricates all of your joints, muscles, and organs of your body, tuning you up so you operate with more energy and stamina, at higher levels of efficiency, resulting in fewer physical problems.  All (SWG's) come with a 90-day money back guarantee so use it worry free for three months. Click on other SWG products you might want to purchase for your home.

ROBBIE LAWLER #20 UFC BOXING CHAMPIONIn his own words: "I noticed my energy increased and I felt an inner power.” #20, Robbie began drinking Structured Water and noticed an increase in energy, stamina, and focus. He continued to hydrate using the Portable DE unit. He indicated that the Structured Water enabled him to leap into health and feel more in tune with his own presence! He felt that the induction of Structured Water propelled him to new heights of focus and power! He stated that the feeling of well being conveyed a presence and energy which allowed him to achieve his dreams!

3.  Breath is very important. Structured Air Breathing (SAB)

During your three, one hour sessions, we will teach you how to use your personal Portable (SWG) to breathe structured air via a 6 step breathing technique with your Portable unit.  This process, similar to the one used in yoga, cleans the central nervous system and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, energizing you, and much more.  Take your Portable SWG with you whenever you travel.  If you should encounter an experience that causes you anxiety and you need a quick fix just grab your Portable SWG and put the put end of the unit in your mouth and take 3-4 deep breaths in through your mouth exhaling out through your nose.  This will immediately reset the Central Nervous System calming you.  The Portable SWG is your insurance and a backup system, you want to take it with you where ever you go enjoying the benefits of clean healing water and food.

4. Learn how to focus your concentration with SAB.

We will teach you how to focus and concentrate your mind on your desired goals with Structured Breathing supercharging your potential.

5. Balancing Energy from my hands. 

I have the ability to produce and transfer balancing energy from my hands into your body and I will demonstrate this ability during your three one-hour sessions.  With this ability I can remove pain and neutralize your anxieties in minutes, helping to bring your body back into balance.

6.  Money Back Guarantee. 

I offer you a 100% 90-day money back guarantee ($349.00) on the SWG technology.  We have a 90-day money back guarantee on all SWG devices purchased from me and manufactured by Natural Action Technologies.  All technology comes with a 10-year warranty against workmanship.

We can help anyone, with any fear, anxiety, phobia, PTSD, or stress, and we do it faster than anyone.  In the first hour, you are feeling better again, balanced and relaxed.
         Verified with muscle testing, the client often feels the difference within minutes.

When the client experiences the super fast Quantum Communications™ clearing process, I quickly remove the baggage that is stored in the subconscious mind. Everything that has ever happened to you in your entire life, all trauma, great or small, is stored in your memory in the subconscious mind.  It is this baggage that sets up the roadblocks to your success a happy, functioning human being. 


                     EVERYONE HAS A LOT OF BAGGAGE FROM LIVING LIFE!           

Your subconscious never forgets anything and it is that baggage that needs to be and can be quickly, energetically neutralized with Mind Magic Quantum Communications - Quantum Conversations™.

With each piece of baggage we remove, it frees up your energy and your abilities improve on many levels.  You will find yourself performing faster, better, more intuitively, more alive, alert, and more enthusiastic! 

As we remove the unholy trinity of fears, anxieties, and guilt from the unconscious mind, changes appear in your body language, your attitude, your self-confidence, and that translate into higher levels of confidence and performance.

Quantum Communications™ works with any anxieties, any emotional issues, and many addictions.

My job is to talk to the client using Quantum Communications-Quantum Conversations™ and that process frees up the universal life force within.

Each of us, when we were born was designed to move through life like those expensive and very fast cigarette boats you see in the ocean in Miami, Florida

As we move through life as a boat moves through the water, traumatic events happen to us and it is as if someone throws an anchor that is still connected to the boat, overboard, slowing us down. 

With each traumatic event, another anchor goes over the side slowing us down until we are dead in the water.  With Mind Magic Works™ Quantum Communications™, I cut loose the anchors one by one and the boat speeds up going faster and faster until it is running at full speed again, skipping across the waters of life! 

   •  We remove fears, anxiety, and guilt from your mind.

   •  We correct energetic imbalances from emotional
       and/or physical trauma in your past.

    •  Nothing to risk or lose – everything to gain.
       We shift the negative energy in the subconscious mind.

.   •  Quantum Communications - Quantum Conversations™
       neutralizes the anxieties that push your buttons.

    • You’re back in the game of life in one to three hours
      performing at a higher level with more energy and vitality.        


After you experience the three sessions, your self-confidence and energy improve!  It is a win-win for you! 

Nothing to risk – everything to gain.  I'm ok with that and that's ok with me!

We remove most Anxieties in one hour, but we schedule you for three one-hour sessions and supercharge your self-confidence!

Plus if you feel you need more sessions it is only $54.00 per session.

The 90-day money back guarantee of $349.00 covers the SWG which must be returned if you request the $349.00 money back guarantee.  The total cost is only $495.00 for three sessions plus the Structured Water Generator.

Cash, Debit Cards, or Credit Cards only no checks.  5% discount for cash.


Michael Kelly - (1)-612-222-4504

About Michael Kelly: Psychotherapist since 1978 specializing in working with energy healing and the subconscious mind.

The Balanced Energy Program. Copywrite 2019 All Rights Reserved

About Micheal Kelly

Michael Kelly, CEO & Founder, Balanced Energy Structured Energetics LL.C and The Balanced Energy Program.

Balanced Energy Structured Energetics™ LL.C.


Psychotherapist and founder of B.E.S.E., Michael Kelly, in 1993, created and patented a breakthrough technology for transferring the healing properties of homeopathic medicines, herbs, and pharmaceutical drugs into a digital form for use on computers and audio cassettesThis process makes it possible to listen to the vibrations of the medicines over the Internet, on CDs or recorded cassettes.

1978 - 2010, Michael practiced Medical Hypnoanalysis an advanced form of hypnosis that allows access to the root cause of the problem that is embedded in the client’s subconscious mind. Once the root cause of the problem is identified via the subconscious mind it is possible to replace the negative suggestions from the past incidents with positive suggestions. Then the symptoms disappear.

Michael studied psychology at Bowling Green University in Ohio and the University of Minnesota. In addition, he has studied a variety of cutting-edge technologies used to activate and balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Michael is certified in Whole Brain Learning, by the John David Institute in California.

He is a member of the National Association of Professional Hypnotist, the National Guild of Hypnosis, and the American Association of Professional Hypnotist.

On three different occasions, Michael has been a speaker on the faculty of the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts at national seminars. He as also created three new therapeutic techniques.

Michael served as the state coordinator for Citizens for Health a national organization working to protect citizens rights to choose whatever means of health care they desire as well as their rights to freely purchase health supplements and natural medicines.

Michael first began his career as a biofeedback technician with Richard D. Willard, M.D., in Indiana. Dr. Willard, one of the six founding members of the Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts, personally trained Michael in the art of Medical Hypnoanalysis and biofeedback.

Michael has been a guest speaker on Minnesota Public Radio, KSTP-TV, lectured and taught classes at the University of Toledo, the University of Minnesota, Bowling Green State University, The College of St. Thomas, and Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He also teaches classes throughout the Midwestern United States on human potential and development.

In 1993, Michael was awarded patents for digitizing medicines in his work with energy medicine. Patent # 5,261,422.

In 1995 Michael researched and applied methods of increasing production levels of organic foods utilizing energetic frequencies in both plant reproduction and in 2007 he worked with methods of energizing water to enhance the health of fish, both of these methods can be applied to Aquaponics.

In addition to his training in alternative medicine, Michael has worked as a legal consultant specializing in the psychological aspects of jury selection.

He has advanced training in the following areas:

1978, Course 101 Medical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine; Diagnosis, Analysis, Successful Treatment Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1979, Successful Treatment of Obesity and Eating Disorders.

1981, Iowa Institute of Medical, Therapeutic, and Forensic Hypnosis, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1981, The Great Debate Course 101, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1982 Post Graduate Course Medical Hypnosis, 1982 Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1981, Iowa Institute of Medical, Therapeutic, and Forensic Hypnosis, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1982, Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis for Positive Sexual Functioning, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1982, Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis for the Successful Treatment of Marital Dysfunction, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1983 - Present, Conducted research on the body-mind connection and the use of sound vibrations in healing.

1983, Successful Sports Hypnosis Course, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1983, Acceptance from Birth to Death in Health and Disease, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1984, Medical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine, Diagnosis, Analysis, Successful Treatment Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1984, The Treatment of Psycho-neurosis with Medical Hypnosis, Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1986, Spiritual Aspects in the Successful Treatment of Depression, Stress, and Anxiety, 1986 Society of Medical Hypnoanalysts.

1989, Understanding Yourself and Other, Dreikurs Relationship Center, Bakersfield, CA.

1990, Designed a placebo-controlled double-blind study for the United States Patent Office and was later granted a patent in the United States, China, Australia, and Mexico.

1993, Body Kinetic Institute –Advanced Kinesiology, Bio Intelligence a Process for Accessing Subconscious Memory fields.

1993, Patented technology for the use of homeopathic, herbal, and pharmaceuticals on audio cassettes, CD’s, and computer technology.

1994, Published a double-blind study in The Townsend Letter for Doctors, June 1994. Suppression of Frequently Recurring Herpes by the delivery of homeopathic medications via audio cassette technology. A placebo-controlled double-blind trial.

1994, Studied with Sharry Edwards creator of BioAcoustics.

1995 Grew organic tomatoes using frequency application and successfully reduced growing season by 3 weeks and enhanced the number of tomatoes per plant.

1996-97, Minnesota State coordinator for Citizens For Health

1997, CEDS introductory Training in Electro Dermal Screening

1997, Graduate of Universal College of Electro Dermal Screening Practitioners

1999, Trained in four levels of Qi Gong by Master Chunyi Lin, International Certified Qi Gong Master from China.

2000, Successfully reversed the genetic disease CMT, using DNA, Reno Nevada (unpublished but documented).

2000, Successfully transmitted healing frequencies over the Internet from the United States to Africa where it was downloaded and successfully treated Malaria.

2002-2003, Created the Balanced Energy Program utilizing the advanced technology to transmit healing energies that assist in balancing the body.

2006, Certified in the use of Voice Stress Analysis and Voice Remapping.

2007-2008 researched and conducted experiments with energized water in fish aquariums to prolong the health of the water and fish.

2016 - present, created Mind Magic Works™.  Quantum-Communications-Quantum Conversations™.  The Tools for Life™.  A short-term rapid solution for injuries and personal improvements, based on Structured Activation Voice Energetics™.

Michael continues to explore and investigate the applications of subtle energy to enhance life forms and improve the health of humans, plants, and animals.


Michael Kelly - (1)-612-222-4504